GEROFARM to launch R7D Center in St. peretrburg Special Economic Zone

On December 7th, 2011 […] has inaugurated its R&D Center located in […] Special Economic Zone of technical and implementation type.

The ceremony has been attained by Georgiy Poltavtchenko, Governor of Saint-Petersburg, […], Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade, […], Director of OAO […], Igor Narkevitch, Rector of Saint-Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy, many other representatives of governmental bodies, scientific, business sectors and mass media. The Governor has inspected the R&D laboratories and held a meeting dedicated to the matters of development of pharmaceutical cluster in Saint-Petersburg.

The new Geropharm’ R&D Center will be in charge of integrated full-cycle developments in the following fields: synthesis and screening of new molecules, development, examination and implementation of new pharmaceuticals and other medical products (diagnostic system). Another dedicated line of activities will include wide spectrum of analyses in support of clinical studies.

“This modern R&D Center became one of the first ones launched in Saint-Petersburg within the frameworks of the whole cluster being currently formed”, says Evgeniy Yelin, Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade.

Investment made in construction of the R&D Center have exceeded 120 million Rubles. The number of newly created workplaces in the Center’s labs is over 50.

The R&D Center includes synthesis and analytical laboratories, laboratory for development of final dosage form. All departments of the Center are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and the nearest plans of the Company include among other things implementation of the newest lab data management system LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).

ZAO Pharm-Holding, subsidiary of Geropharm Company, is in charge of the R&D business, including construction of the new lab complex. From now all the developments of the Company will be made on the basis of the new R&D Center.

Today the work of scientific staff of Pharm-Holding is dedicated to creation of new pharmaceuticals intended for treatment of socially significant diseases in the fields of neurology, ophthalmology, urology, gynecology, endocrinology, hepatology,  serious peripheral vascular diseases. In addition to the pharmaceuticals the Company is developing the innovative medical products, such as modern diagnostic systems, which allow recognition and identification of diseases on early stages and ensure proper monitoring of therapeutic effects.

Most priority projects include development of innovative genetic engineering S-Peptide based medication (for treatment of diabetes mellitus related complications), analogue insulin (for treatment of diabetes mellitus) and low-molecular heparin (for treatment of thrombosis and  thrombembolia, apoplectic attacks and  infarcts).

S-Peptide (fragment of proinsulin’ molecule) related scientific studies are the break-through and innovative direction of development of modern pharmacy. Starting from the mid 90s the world scientists keep intensively working on examination of functions and capabilities, as well as possible therapeutic effects of S-Peptide. Currently it is scientifically proved, that S-Peptide is able to efficiently slow down and to prevent development of most serious diabetic complications.

The R&D project related to development of the innovative S-Peptide based medication is being implemented by the Company, is part of the federal dedicated Program named “Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry in the Russian Federation for the period till 2020 and for further perspective”. The scope of application of this medication includes pathogenetic prevention of  peripheral vascular complications of diabetes mellitus and progression thereof. In 2011 the Company has completed one of the most important stages of studies – development of technology of production of the S-Peptide based medication. Currently scientists of Pharm-Holding keep working on studies dedicated to identification of most convenient dosage forms.

Developments of the Company in the field of the analogue insulin and low-molecular heparin are of extreme and priority importance for the entire Russian pharmaceutical industry, as today the country produces no domestic product of that type. All the drugs available in the market are patented products imported by foreign manufacturers. At the same time, according to PharmExpert Center of Medical Researches’ information, the volume of Russian markets of analogue insulin and low-molecular heparin


in 2011 were $ 157 and $ 86 million respectively.

The Company plans to apply for registration of its analogue insulin and low-molecular heparin in 2012. Production of the newly developed medications will be deployed at production facilities of Geropharm, including production site being currently constructed in Pushkino as part of Saint-Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster.

According to Georgiy Poltavtchenko, residents of Saint-Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster will be able to take part in the governmental order contests already in the next year. “I am sure, that they will guarantee quality and provide prices which will be interesting to the city, and thus the medications will appear on the shelves of Saint-Petersburg drugstores, in city hospitals, clinical units”, said Georgiy Poltavtchenko.

“Launching of proprietary R&D center specializing on full-cycle pharmaceutical developments will allow the Company to strengthen its business positions in the sector of production of socially-valuable medications, both innovative and enhanced generic ones, having vital priority from the imported drugs substitution viewpoint”, comments Petr Rodionov, Geropharm Director. “Implementation of this project will accelerate and make maximum efficient the process of implementation of scientific achievements into serial production”.




Pharm-Holding’ R&D Center opening ceremony. On the photo: G. S. Poltavtchenko, Governor of Saint-Petersburg, P. P. Rodionov, Director, Geropharm; P. I. Rodionov, President, OAO “National Biotechnologies”; O. K. Granstrem, Director, ZAO Pharm-Holding.